• Updated Boys Bedroom
    Once upon a time this room was a home office for Kalman’s dad, a dream of a primary bathroom, a kitty room, and a home office and lounge space for me. It’s funny how there are rooms in a home that just end up being the catch all. When we moved into our home approximately […]
  • Basement Ideas for Kids: How to Make the Perfect Playroom – Redfin Blog Feature
    If you have children, you know how much space they need to run around and play with their toys. Utilizing your basement by creating a playroom made especially for kids can be the perfect place for them to learn, grow, and explore. A basement playroom is ideal for homes without a backyard, rainy days, or […]
  • Everyone(thing) needs some TLC – refurbishing furniture
    I have always been nervous to paint a piece of furniture with something other than chalk paint. Admittedly, I am a very impatient painter and the idea of doing more steps to make something turn out beautiful has not been on the top of my list of fun projects. Also, I was afraid that somehow […]
  • Basement Playroom Revamp
    Life moves incredibly quickly these days for me and some personal hurdles have provided me less time and less motivation to complete house projects. But I realized that once I’m in the midst of them, I find a lot of joy. So I am hoping to give myself some more space to do them and […]
  • Powder Room Refresh: From Neutral to Moody
    Our projects always blow up and I should not be surprised at this point. This tiny but mighty room (as all extra bathrooms are) has a very tall ceiling and is super narrow which has always made by brain a little cross-eyed. When we moved in the walls were light gray with white bead board […]
  • We All Just Need A Little Privacy – DIY Stained Glass Window
    Often, I go hard on a house project, burn myself out, and then need a break and new inspiration. After completing the study, I haven’t had much motivation to do much else. COVID winter has also left me unmotivated. I truly miss the warmer weather and being outside doing literally anything . I’ll even take […]
  • Little Oasis – Welcome to Our Study
    I am officially at the end of week one at my new job since training has been completed. As mentioned in a previous post, in an effort to give myself an office and make a quiet space for some weeknight alone time sans husband and child (or sans wife and child if you’re talking to […]
  • Why, Hello Gorgeous — Sprucing Up the Old
    Home design has always been something I’ve enjoyed. However, this past year has provided me confidence in taking more risks than I ever imagined I could. When I used to look up homes for sale, I would stray away from anything that looked like it needed work. After doing our kitchen renovation, I actually love […]
  • 2021 Home Ideas
    I just recently switched jobs. I was working as a litigation defense attorney for about 10 years when I decided to make the switch and took a job at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania working at the Human Relations Commission investigating discrimination claims. I am so fresh on this job that I am currently still in […]
  • The Beginnings of Backyard Bliss
    One of the prior owners spent some time and money on landscaping, resulting in some lovely blooms from spring until fall at our house. However, much like our home, we have really just maintained our yard these past four years. Mainly, premature mulching or mulching way late in the season, and that’s about it. My […]
  • What not to do during a pandemic – or perhaps do?
    When the pandemic hit over nine months ago, I had a hard time adjusting to the new restrictions: full time job, full time parenting, nowhere to go, stuck in a home which I loved but mostly cared for only in the evenings and on the weekends. It took me a hot minute to adjust to […]
  • The Five Year Itch
    I’m not entirely sure why I have decided to blog again other than to have a place where I can document those things which bring me love, joy, and comfort. Perhaps those things which find me love, joy, and comfort are the same for you. I do not profess to be an expert in any […]