Libra; Enneagram 9; Ohio born; eldest of 5 kids; obsessed with aesthetically pleasing decor.

Hi! My name is Melissa, a self-described (spectacled) shaker and mover.

By day, I am a Human Relations Investigator for the PA Human Relations Commission. I recently started this position after working for approximately ten years doing civil defense litigation.

About four years ago, I became a homeowner with my partner: a small house built in 1920 in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. That same year, I gave birth to our little dude which meant that our lives vastly changed and very quickly. Since then, I’ve been on the fast track, juggling work, raising our son, managing our household and partnership, and trying to define some self-care practices.

COVID-19 had my partner and I both reflecting inwardly on what we desire most in our lives and although we mastered some killer updates in our home and some good families moments, we decided that the partnership needed to take a pause. I am still living in our 1920s house, and have been enjoying taking time to continue to personalize it and be adventurous in my DIY projects.

Join me on my musings about kitchen and decor adventures, love, & all other things that happen to pop into this head of mine from time to time.

xx –


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