Libra; Enneagram 9; Ohio born; eldest of 5 kids; obsessed with aesthetically pleasing decor.

Hi! My name is Melissa, a self-described (spectacled) shaker and mover.

By day, I am an insurance defense attorney & mom of a five year old boy.

In 2016 my partner and I bought a 1920s house in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. That same year, I gave birth to our little dude which meant that our lives vastly changed and very quickly. Since then there have been many changes, including the end of the marriage. However, one thing I’m grateful for is how we took the time to look inward and focus more on making our house more of a home (mind you, in the midst of the pandemic). The first projects done on this house together gave me the confidence to be more of a risk taker in my design choices and I haven’t looked back.

Join me on my musings about kitchen and decor adventures & all other things that happen to pop into this head of mine from time to time.

xx, M