Basement Playroom Revamp

Life moves incredibly quickly these days for me and some personal hurdles have provided me less time and less motivation to complete house projects. But I realized that once I’m in the midst of them, I find a lot of joy. So I am hoping to give myself some more space to do them and write about them here.

When we moved into this house, the basement had rough berber carpet and despite trying to make it family friendly, it never really worked.

Our house is close enough to a flood plane that if the conditions are right, there can be some flooding in the basement (unfortunately). Much to our frustration, we’ve had this happen twice. The first time we considered it a blessing because we were able to replace the berber carpet which made it much more comfortable to hang out down there. I literally loved to lay on the carpet, being the only carpeted space in the whole house.

This space was great for awhile. But once COVID-19 came along and we really commenced taking more risks and expanding our home design skill set, our thoughts expanded a bit to changing our primary bedroom into a primary suite and in order to do so, we needed to see if the basement would work as my husband’s office space.

He built a desk in the corner of the basement which really made much better use of the space. I would say about a month after he built it, the basement flooded on Christmas Day 2020 resulting in a pretty terrible working space for my husband and the end to any hopes for a new found family hangout space.

We finally re-carpeted the space again in about March 2021. In April 2021, my husband and I decided to separate and I commenced reworking my vision of the space to make it useable for myself and my son.

I found a relatively inexpensive loveseat on Wayfair and that was the start of recreating the space.

I find that picking paint for walls is much like picking nail polish —- incredibly hard. I always second guess my choices until I have start painting the walls (or nails). In deciding on a color, I went a totally different way than the colors shown above. At first, I was leaning towards the furthest right color (“Sea Salt” HGTV by Sherwin Williams). I eventually landed on “Expressive Plum” HGTV by Sherwin Williams and I think it was the correct choice. I wanted the space to feel grown up and also fun as it has now become our fort playing, craft making, tv watching, work out, game playing space.

I combined a few new wall finds with lots of what we already had. The couch pillows were given to me by my mom and most of the pictures were already owned and reworked into the basement space.

I always love how much paint can change the way a space feels and is such a cost efficient way to spice things up without breaking the bank. Next up is the primary bedroom. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, you’ve seen the results, but more details regarding the update will be coming soon here!

Until next time, enjoy the hot summer days! We’ve been spending every dry moment at the pool and it has been much more relaxing than anticipated.

xx, M

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