Little Oasis – Welcome to Our Study

I am officially at the end of week one at my new job since training has been completed. As mentioned in a previous post, in an effort to give myself an office and make a quiet space for some weeknight alone time sans husband and child (or sans wife and child if you’re talking to my husband) I spent a weeknight and weekend making the space feel right for both.

Hello, lover.

I try to make do with what I have and try to find my own way of creating a space that feels like it works whether or not the pieces are from the same era. If in my head it feels like it works and I feel a sense of comfort and calm, I’m good.

As you may recall, this is really only a temporary space until we make this room into a primary bathroom, so we did not want to spend a lot of money on getting things that we will later have to find a space for somewhere else in the house. In here, we have a French style dresser that we intend to change into a vanity, an Ethan Allen velvet wingback chair, and a Wicker Weave by Dixie desk, all purchased from various folks on Facebook Marketplace totaling $155. Together, these items do not make sense as they are certainly from different eras, however, it came together. Oh, and we have an Ikea closet from the prior owner that we decided to keep in here as well which is super modern. Just stick with me, I think it all works.

I painted a green accent wall, and decided to use the French style dresser as a TV console. I love the gold and yellow of the dresser against the green wall. My husband says I sometimes have the style of a grandma, but there’s just something about giving old stuff new life and also remembering the past that brings me a lot of joy. On the dresser I put my bronzed baby shoes from the 80s and a picture of my mom from the 70s and it just feels right to me.

On the opposite wall, I placed the Ethan Allen chair, desk, and Ikea closet. There isn’t a lot of space in the room and I wanted it to feel as open as possible.

The pink rug I purchased from Wayfair about five years back and shopped my bedroom for it. I believe it compliments the other golds, browns, and pinks in the room and certainly makes the room cozier.

To finish off the room, I added a gallery wall with some memories attached to some of the pieces. The baby picture is of me when I was a little over one year old. The flower painting was the retirement present my grandfather got when he retired from American Greetings decades ago at this point. I love sitting in the armchair and looking at that wall. A gallery wall also brings me a lot of joy. I now have four in my house and I could have more. It never feels too busy to me.

I really feel like this space was meant to be like this. I love working and relaxing in here. If I had my druthers, I’d love an old brass lamp or a banker’s lamp for the desk and maybe some pieces of art for behind the TV. We shall see.

Until next time.

xx, M

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