Updated Boys Bedroom

Once upon a time this room was a home office for Kalman’s dad, a dream of a primary bathroom, a kitty room, and a home office and lounge space for me. It’s funny how there are rooms in a home that just end up being the catch all.

When we moved into our home approximately six years ago, the prior owners had used it as an extended closet/dressing space so I never envisioned it as a bedroom. It always felt too small to me.

Fast forward to now, it has certainly been a space for all sorts, but I am so glad it’s finally become a bedroom. In the last six months or so, my mom has entertained the idea of moving up from Georgia and moving in with myself and Kalman. Since COVID-19, the Friday night sleepovers in the parent’s bedroom, became a more regular occurrence and eventually became the normal sleeping spot for my son. After Kalman’s dad and I separated, it became comforting to me as well and it became the regular routine for us.

Originally, I thought that this would just continue to be the plan and wherever my mom would stay, the room would continue to be a catch all room. It’s state at the time was my office and hang out space – which I had just painted with a warm terracotta color (Benjamin Moore’s “Fading Twilight”).

But as I continued to mentally work through the needs of all us I realized that in reality, Kalman needed his own space. And I needed my own space. And let’s be REAL honest — I did not want to figure out where to put all of his stuff if my mom did decide to come up and stay for awhile.

So I did it. I moved all of Kalman’s special things and transformed the space into something that can easily transition to a teenage bedroom as time goes on. I was worried that the wall color would be too girly (and I had also painted dots on the ceiling which seemed a bit whimsical). BUT with all the colors from his bedding, the yellow striped curtains and the colorful mix of his toys, I’d say it became the perfect space for him.

I love how the room envelops you in the evenings and feels like a warm hug. When Kalman was at his dad’s the weekend I did the project, I actually slept in his bed as it was so cozy (that’s normal right?).

Although dark walls seem to be something that gives people a fright — I would not stray away from it when thinking of changing up a room. It will bring in a lot of warmth to a room and feel inviting.

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