DIY Advent Calendar

Back in the day, my family was given a great homemade advent calendar.  We are a big family (I am one of five).  Every morning we would all race downstairs to be the first to place a star on the advent “christmas tree” one by one until the 25th when the prized heart was placed at the top of the tree.  It was something we thoroughly enjoyed and since moving out of the family home, I have from time to time bought the chocolate-filled advent calendars to try and recreate the memories.  This was very optimistic on my part and nothing has (or will) ever replace those memories (obvi).

This year I decided to make my own.  Although it will never replace the one from my childhood days, however, my goal is to bring some additional good cheer and spirit to the season.

One of the best parts of making the advent calendar was figuring out what to put in each of the days to countdown to Christmas Day.  After doing some research, I found an idea which will perhaps chip away at some of my northern adulthood pessimism.  This year, I will fill each day with a gesture of kindness.  Examples, say “hello” to all you interact with today; let every car in front of you today (which will be something surprisingly hard to do with my PA/NJ attitude towards drivers….they all suck).  I am excited to get the countdown underway on December 1st and you can too!

Below are easy instructions to making this DIY Advent Calendar.

Things Needed:

  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Jute string
  • Fishing line
  • Gold Sharpie
  • Markers
  • Leftover wrapping paper and ribbons (and other decorating supplies of your heart’s desire)
  • Scotch Tape
  • 5 Eucalyptus branches
  • 25 Small envelopes (I used blank seed packets)


  • Connect the 5 Eucalyptus branches* together with fishing line on each side (approximately 6 inches of fishing line between each branch).  The branches should create 5 vertical rows to hang the envelopes from.
  • Number the envelopes from 1-25.  I used a gold Sharpie to number the envelopes.
  • Use markers, ribbon, and leftover wrapping paper to make different Christmas designs for each of the 25 envelopes.**
  • Punch a hole in the middle of the top of each envelope.
  • Cut the jute string into 25, approximately 6 inch, sections.
  • Loop the jute string through the holes in each envelope and secure 5 decorated envelopes per eucalyptus branch.
  • Cut a 2 foot section of jute string and secure to both sides of the top eucalyptus branch and hang where desired.
  • Click here for inspiration for things to add into your advent calendar.

* Note: It is best to alternate the thick ends of the branches between each row

** Note: I cut stars and trees out of the wrapping paper and taped them to different envelopes, and drew holy and snowmen on other envelopes.





2 thoughts on “DIY Advent Calendar

  1. Great idea! Kindness is important to me, so I’m glad I’ll have this idea to use for my kiddos when they’re old enough. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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